Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

Over the next few months we will be re assessed for The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) which we gained in 2011 and were re accredited in 2015. We feel the work we do with you as parents and carers is invaluable and a real strength of the school. We feel with your on going support and suggestions, The Birches will continue to be a wonderful place to learn and grow.

As you know, at The Birches we are keen to do everything we can to make your child’s time here as beneficial and enjoyable as possible for everyone in the family.  We  consult with parents and carers, to find out what you think about what we are doing now and how we might change or do other things to make it better in the future.

From various forms of feedback from parents and carers during coffee mornings, drop in sessions, workshops and surveys we discovered what sort’s of things you would like. One of which was more opportunities to spend time in school. As a result we had a very successful Family Learning week with a focus on “ Let’s make a Noise “.


During the Spring we will offer times for you to come in and give your input and   “ voice “ about your views of school. If you have any questions about the LPPA process please contact Phil Heath or Peggy Parker on 0161 448 8895.

Thank you,

Phil Heath




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