Safe Pupil Return September

Please refer to the parent booklet attachment below to inform you of the measures we will have in place to support all pupils back into school in September. This should provide you with information as to how we are preparing to open to everyone, how we will work to reduce risk to keep children and staff safe, and how we will support your child’s transition back to school life and routine.  This will hopefully answer some of the questions you might have in these everchanging times. 

Despite receiving this information, there may be some of you ( particularly those of you who have not yet returned to school ) who are still really concerned about you or your children’s anxiety around returning to school. If you feel that your child is not going to cope and the thought of them returning to school causes you real worry, then now is the time to let us know. We aim to consider all options for working with everyone who is currently feeling anxiety around returning to school. We want to be able to work with all families, and support all our children, by addressing these significant worries, and doing all we can to support everyone back in to school, even if this means a very individualized approach.

So to really help understand where families are up to in their thinking, I am asking all parents and carers to contact school by Tuesday 14th of July with the answers to the following:

1) Are you and your child feeling ready for a start back to school in September?
2) Do you still have significant worries that you would like to talk to us about before hand?
3) Are there any specific questions that you would like answering at this stage?
4) If you were previously allocated a place on home-school transport, are you expecting to take up this place from the start of September?

Your answers to these questions will be a huge help in assisting us with our continued plans for a full opening of the school in September.

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