Teacher: Jacki Gregson.

Teaching Assistants: Sarah Watkins, Karen Epsley and Nasreen Anwar. 

Koalas Class

Koalas class is a structured year KS2 class of 8 children who all have a diagnosis of ASC. As a class we learn in a variety of ways, whole class learning, group learning and individual workstation learning.

We love to learn as a whole class; where we enjoy group story sessions, learning around our interactive board or whole class sessions such as PE and Art. Some of us are able to learn in small groups of two to three children and others learn to work independently in a low distraction environment with short activities to keep us focussed.

In koalas the emphasis is placed on developing pupils’ individual communication skills as well as on life skills in areas such as using money or learning how to prepare food. We also prioritise on Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) for example building relationships and keeping safe. All the Koalas work hard in school to follow the class rules. This is supported by a rewards system, in the morning and afternoon, of a chosen activity. Everyone has a copy of these rules at home and it would be good to follow this reward system for consistency. The Koalas are a lively and vibrant class who like to be active, challenged and happy.

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