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Teacher: Isobel Davies.

Teaching Assistants: Wendy Brown, Michelle Hackland, Michelle Morrisey, Karen Espley, Amanda Brookes

Owls Class

Owls are a pre-formal class who follow a structured timetable. Pupils in this class are provided with a low distraction environment where elements of the SCERTS and TEACCH programme for pupils on the autistic spectrum are used combined with Intensive Interaction techniques and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)  in order to provide a setting for structured and child led learning which focuses on developing interaction, communication and independence skills.  Owls pupils’ are supported by visual systems, signing and considered use of spoken language which can often be one key word. We aim to provide an enabling environment which fosters positive relationships and encourages children to play and explore.

  • Prime areas of learning and development will be in: 
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development  
  • Physical Development 
  • Communication and Language






Working Together
Achieving Together

Contact us at The Birches Specialist Support Primary School

Main Contact: Adel White
Newholme Road
West Didsbury
M20 2XZ
ofsted outstanding 2016/2017 lppa logo Gold School Games Award
national autistic society award 2022